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Why L A Farmer?

Greetings From LA.

Why L A Farmer ? Not Los Angeles , Not Lower Alabama, Not Louisiana.

Lynchburg Area, a place in South West Ohio.  A long ago Whiskey Distillery, not Jack Daniels Just an area of mostly two counties that come together.  You might even say three counties.

I live in Clinton Co but the town is in Highland Co. I sometimes call it a border town, usually good for a laugh if you don’t push it too much.

The purpose of my blog is to relate how food is produced by people like me. I call myself a bacon farmer. I’m known by many as Uncle Squeal.  Yes you can find me on Facebook or YouTube as Uncle Squeal.  I’m Rhonfarm on Twitter.

I don’t have anything special to say, except I’ll let you know how and why we produce food. For me farming is a job, business, and way of life.  Farming has many faces.  Food is a choice, you should have information to help you decide. You need to ask, we need to listen, we both need sanity and open mindedness.

Natural , GMO, Non GMO, Vegan , Carnivore, respect the choice of others keep an open mind don’t malign your competition to promote yours.

Some say Feed the Nine By 2050 . I think it will take all forms of Agriculture to do this. I also think you should be able to raise your own food. This takes a lot of effort and planning. Did you ever try to figure how much food your family would need for a month/year? Think about this.

If you eat, something (an animal) is gonna die or something (a plant) is raised where a bird can poop on it.   You depend on others to grow it, handle it, clean it cook it etc. There are many steps most don’t see or think about in growing food and getting it to your fridge.  Get my point? How much do you really know about these processes?  Who are your sources for info?  It’s about trust, or blindness.

My small part is to let you know what my part of the world does to produce food. I hop to reach a better understanding about food and agriculture.

What qualifies me? I am real not a college educated professional, not a hired professional, but I respect them. I am just a plain person that mostly likes what I do most of the time. My story is varied, nothing great, just struggles like you.

I’ll do my best if you come along. Check it out. I hope you like it and learn.

Until the next time.

LA Farmer

Uncle Squeal

Neil Rhonemus