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Why ? An Insight From Inside Big Ag

Why ? I guess.

Just because. If My mother told me to do something and I asked why I got a look from her, the next time I got, well you know.

“Why I farm” is a buzz phrase these days.  The phrase is used to help us explain why we farm for a living, why we produce food, why we want to tell people about agriculture.  I really get upset mad as heck every time  I see an untruth or lie about what I do.  Every time I see a photo shop picture of a pig behind bars, every article that spews lies every Doctor that has become an entertainer instead of a healer, researcher, comforter.

My “why” is no great passion to continue the family farm.  My farm will belong to another after I am done.  I don’t have a noble cause.  I also don’t want to be expected to apologize for doing the right thing. Raising pigs for meat, for profit, to earn a living, while being a steward of our God given hard fought for sovereign rights. While yes providing proper animal care and respect for all life. Taking life to sustain another. I believe man is part of the environment regardless, whether you believe in Creation or the Big Bang. Either way we are part of the solution to our problems.

My “Why” is just because I never gave up the the Dream of being my own boss and working for myself. For over 25 years I worked two or three jobs at once to get by.  My wife and I endured struggles with long hours and off farm jobs before I was able to be a full-time farmer. Not unlike yours or my neighbors. The difference is I refuse to stand by while others “Make up my Story” because we won’t speak up. Too many are telling us how to produce food / farm etc.

It is too easy to find out how to do something by using the internet, it is too easy for people that don’t know what they are saying to put the incorrect story out there too.

I deserve better as a Farmer, Businessman, Steward, YOU deserve better as the consumer.

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Neil Rhonemus  aka  Uncle Squeal

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