My wife, Diane and I live on the farm where my Mother and Father moved when they got married about 1942.  I came along much later.  I purchased my brother’s share of the farm in 85.  In 1990 we built our home at the same location where I grew up. Diane and I raised Lucas , and Lisa here on the farm.  They currently live in cities, and they are pursuing their own dreams. Make no mistake they do their share of Agvocating when the opportunity avails. I am proud that they do so willingly.

I have been active in one way or another my whole life raising animals. I have worked two jobs at times just to get by. Those struggles we know first hand. I have raised pigs in dirt lots, birthed pigs in pasture, fed pigs outdoors and any way in between. For the last 15 years I have been growing pigs inside modern barns for another family. We don’t own the pigs, we get paid for providing animal care inside of our barns.  So, I would like to share comparisons of the metods we currently use with past methods we’ve used to grow pigs. It’s like driving a Model T is cool but you wouldn’t want to commute daily in one. I’ll touch on this later in my Blog.

I am just getting started on a blog.  This is a challenge for a regular guy like me, because I don’t have any formal journalism training.  I am just banging the keys, rocking out words hoping they make sense, so pardon me for my mistakes. I have all these thoughts that I feel the need to blurt out, so a regular person like you will want to read it and see what we do down on the farm. If you are an activist I am not  changing your mind and likewise neither will you change mine. However for those of us that want to, we can learn a lot form each other.

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