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Things we do on the Farm

On the farm I do my daily chores like caring for the animals. Other chores are repairing equipment, buildings, maintenance on both farm and personal vehicles.

welding pig pen gate

Regular maintenance includes fixing equipment, gates from the barn in this case, when they get worn out and break

We also maintain our homes and things we need to live our lives just like you do. Or we hire it done. Many talents we use daily allow us to be multitaskers.  Farmers did this way before the word came about.

uncle squeal selfie

I try to spend some time sharing what I do here on this blog, on Facebook and YouTube. That’s why I take selfies.

We also have to keep up on other skills like finance, bookkeeping to be able to do our income tax or at least prepare for an accountant to do them. So many times we spend hours late at night keeping up.  We also have to keep our paperwork in order to be ready to present annual loans to our banker. It can take a lot of money to operate, we handle large sums of money, but the majority of it is used to pay input costs.  It is not all profit, and we desire to keep some money to live on, just like you do.

farm office

Paperwork and record keeping is unending work. I spend more time here that I would like to in order to keep my farm operating.

So in short farmers are plumbers, mechanics, metal fabricators, electricians, veterinarians, bookkeepers, accountants, carpenters, quality control experts, and now social media communications specialists.  Some of these we just got to do the best we can to keep our overhead and hired labor expenses in check.   If we hired everything we wouldn’t have much or any money left to live on.  I operate mainly by myself however I have a couple good helpers/ employees that are actually my friends.

Fixing Curtains on the pig barn

I stepped back to take this picture as my friends and helpers kept working to fix the curtains on the outside of the pig barn.

So farming is more than cows, and plows.

field work

Field work needs to be done when the weather is nice

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